Por & Para is a consulting firm that provides legal and professional advice, mediation and conflict resolution, consulting, coaching and training for professionals and public and private organizations in the cultural sector. This initiative was launched by Eva Moraga, art lawyer and consultant, with relevant and varied expertise on cultural issues. Her wish is to contribute to professionalization of cultural sector and to provide clear and useful tools for cultural professionals and organizations. 


We have a dream: that art and culture professionals and organizations receive the advice, tools and training they need in order to be able to develop, promote and advance their career and cultural projects. 


Our mission is to help, advice and train art and culture professionals and organizations on all the required aspects they need to develop their careers and work. 

Eva Moraga

Eva Moraga Guerrero is the Director of Por & Para, www.porypara.es, a consulting firm that provides legal and professional advice, consulting, coaching and training for professionals and public and private organizations in the cultural sector.

Eva Moraga holds a B.A. degree in Law, a B.A. degree in Visual Arts, and a Masters in Art History all of them from Complutense University (Madrid – Spain). She also holds a Masters in Museum and Gallery Management from the Department of Cultural Policy and Management at City University in London (Uk), a B.A. in European Law from Rouen University (France) and a Masters in the same subject from Madrid's Complutense University.

Her experience as a consultant and a lawyer spans 20 years during which she has developed expertise on issues that include cultural management, marketing and communication in the cultural sector, fundraising, patronage and sponsorship, project management, international relations, advocacy, transparency and freedom of information, career development, authors' rights, contractual relations with public and private bodies and other legal issues affecting professional artists and cultural organizations. She is currently the Coordinator of the Working Group on Transparency in the Arts sector of the Institute of Contemporary Art in Spain. She also holds lectures, workshops and courses about these issues from Por & Para and in Universities and education centers.



We advise art professionals and organizations on every kind of legal issue related to their careers and work: author´s rights and intellectual property, contracts, social security, taxes, career development, etc. We help you manage all your doubts and challenges. In-person or online consultations are available.  More information



We have different programs addressing different and varied needs of art & culture professionals and organizations. All our programs are personalized and customized to what you specifically need for the development of your career and work. More information


& Project


In Por & Para we are aware of the kind of challenges that private and public cultural organizations are daily finding when they have to conceive, prepare, present, manage, promote and fund their projects. We help cultural organizations in every project phase, regardless project scale: from the very beginning of project conception to planning, drafting, presentation, fundraising, promotion and communication, project management, execution and evaluation. We provide the tools your organization need to improve your efficiency, efficacy and effectiveness. More information



Por & Para provides specialized accounting and tax support for art & culture professionals and organizations. We offer up-to-date information and tax advice on tax matters to individuals and public and private entities working nationally and internationally in the cultural and non-profit sectors. More information


& Training

We offer on-site, face-to-face and online courses, seminars and workshops for art & culture professionals and organizations. We provide education and training on those required tools and knowledge that you need to develop your career and work and to manage your projects and organizations. More information


& Conflict Resolution

Por & Para provides mediation and conflict resolution services for art & culture professionals and organizations. We believe that extra-judicial ways of managing problems and conflicts can help the cultural sector focus on what is really important. We offer onsite and online mediation sessions. More information



If you have any questions or need any more information send an email to info@porypara.es or call us:
+ 34 91 548 03 03
or +34 659 47 68 07. We are looking forward to hearing from you.